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::  Cherrapunji --Dain Thlen Falls ::

Just before reaching Sohra, a road to the right, leads one to the falls which is 5 kms away. Among the many falls that Cherrapunjee boasts of, Dain Thlen Falls is also one of the famous falls. Many tourists flock the falls especially as it has an interesting legend associated with it. 
The waterfall derives its name from a Thlen (Khasi word for Python).  As 
per the legend, people decided to rid themselves of evil, captured the Thlen and killed it at the wide flat rock over-looking the waterfall. Adjacent to the very spot where the Thlen was slaughtered lies the Dain-thlen Waterfalls. Natural rock carvings of the episode draw visitors to see the image of the Thlen, the symbol of greed, corruption and evil.

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Eco Park Cherrapunjee

Dain Thlen Falls

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